The Gear

The trusty steed

On-one 456 18" Steel frame
Kona P2 Steel rigid fork (drilled and tapped by me to take a front rack)
26" Sun Rhyno Lite rims on Shimano XT disc hubs (36 hole front and rear)
FSA V-Drive chainset - replaced with Shimano LX in Istanbul due to BB failure.
Shimano XT front/rear mechs
Brooks B17 - replaced with Terry Tour saddle in Germany - replaced again with the original Brooks
Schwalbe Marathon tyres 1.5" (7000km) / swapped for Marathon Extremes (4000km lots of tread left)
Avid BB7 Disc brakes front and rear
Customised front/rear pannier racks (courtesy of Rathbone Fabrications)
Bob Yak Trailer
Some super cheap panniers for the front
Avenir Handlebar bag - now held together with tape
Cateye Enduro Speedo
Butterfly style handlebars
2 Layers of Bar Tape - and copious amounts of tape.

Spare Parts
4 inner tubes (3 large, 1 small)
tyre boot
spare chain
brake/gear cables
brake pads
spare chain (rotated every 3000km)
chain lubricant
gt85 spray lubricant
waterpump pliers
various spokes
cable ties
gaffa tape
electrical tape
puncture patches
cotton rag

My Luggage

Yak Sak - 90 ltr roll top bag for the trailer
Various size dry sacks
Vango Banshee 2 Man Tent
Marmot NeverSummer Down Bag
Lafuma full length self-inflating matress
Foam camping mattress
Silk sleeping bag liner

MSR Whisperlite International Multifuel stove + Service Kit
MSR Stainless Steel Pan set
MSR Fuel bottles 0.6 & 1.0 litre
Fire Steel - modern version of steel/flint used to make sparks
Small Cutlery set - purchased in Serbia after my Spork broke
Victorinox SwissChamp Multitool
Freeloader Globetrotter Solar Charger


1 pair of normal boxer shorts
1 pair base layer boxer shorts
1 pair base layer leggings
1 base layer "Smelly Hanson" top
1 pair Nosquito zip off trousers
1 pair of board shorts - given to me in an Istanbul Hostel
2 wicking T shirts
2 UV button shirts
1 pair coolmax socks
1 pair waterproof socks
1 pair thermal socks
2 fleece sweaters
1 Gortex shell jacket
1 waterproof poncho
2 pairs waterproof trousers
1 pair of neoprene oveshoes (not worth the money)
1 pair windstopper gloves
1 pair merino wool liner gloves
1 windstopper "deer stalker" winter hat
1 pair of sandals (really smelly)
1 pair snow boots
2/3 Buffs


Nikon D50 + 4 spare memory cards
Iphone 4 + extra battery
Acer laptop
Ipod classic
Ever changing book selection
Julbo sunglasses (purchased in Istanbul as originals were lost)
Tresspass Compass
Passport photos
Emergency money - various currencies, kept in various locations on my person/bike.
Baby Taylor Mahogony 3/4 Travel Guitar + Mouth Harps, slide and shaky love egg.
Nylon Tarp 2x3m
Pepper Spray (purchased in Istanbul)
Poo trowel
Bungee chords
First Aid Kit (including antibiotics, malaria pills , painkillers, dressings)
Water Purification Tablets
Lip Balm
Toiletries Bag (general soap, bio degradable multi purpose soap, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, exfoliating glove, anti perspirant, sink plug, antibacterial foam)
Travel Towel
Mozzie Net
Mozzie Spray
Various water bottles

The above list is everything I need to survive excluding food and water which are stored in the panniers and on the racks. I have enough room for around 3 days of food - not allowing for desert where more water is required.