Stats and Info

Here's a map of my route so far (bicycle only), there is a link below if you wish to zoom in etc,13.40332&spn=12.276038,43.110352&z=5
Current Distance: 10,984km (this includes all day trips etc)

Countries cycled in: England, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Syria, Italy.

Best Scenary: Southern Austria or the last of the Serbian Danube, Eastern Turkish Mountains, Fench Alps

Best city break: Budapest...I'll be back.

Location of most intense liver abuse: SerbiaBeer Fest/Guca Fest/Beer Fest in that order. Georgia (Tbilisi) - the reunification of Mop Top and Banana Biggs.

Best alcohlic beverage: Serbia Rakia (apricot flavour) 

Number of punctures:                                  33

Most days without a shower:                      15

Top Speed:                                                83kph (51mph) German Alps 

Favourite Country: I've given up trying to decide

Least favourite Country: Bulgaria, just didn't "feel it" - good reason to go back though...

Best Food: Ramazan's lunchtime delights at GARP - Turkey, Guca fest, Syria, Helpxing in France.

Worst Food: My own soup cooked in Hungary - just ask Mihailo!

Other cyclists I've ridden with: Mihailo (20 days), Mariusz & Sarah (2 days) Katharina (5 days), Richard (2 days), Stu (long old while), Richard again (around a month)