Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Day 1

Quiet goodbye with Mum, Jess and my Auntie present. I left a water bottle at Jess' so stopped by on the way out of Stafford to pick it up. Upon getting there I realise I've taken Mum's car keys with me - nice one! Say goodbye to Jess' sister and Dad also. I thought I may be able to leave Jess with some articulate romantic words to make the parting easier for us both but for fear of becoming a blubbering mess I settle for hugs and kisses.

I ride out through Cannock Chase, somewhere I very fond of. Puncture 22 miles in - good start!! Lunch in Tamworth is bread and jam, best be getting used to that. I stop at a pub near Lutterworth at 18.00 for a lemonade that tastes SOOOOOO good!! My legs feel pretty jelly'd I push on down to Towcester and start looking for soomewhere to sleep. My first wild camping experience, yey! I pull off the road into a field just before dark. I set up my tent, bread and jam for tea, bed.

Distance for day 1: 135km

I'm pleased, but know I should be taking it easier. Dont want the knees to give in a few weeks down the line...

Day 2

Blast on down to London. Friends Chris & Kath kindly offered to put me up for the night in their flat in London. Not only that but they invite me along to the Royal Albert Hall to a swing and Jazz night. I had to borrow some threads from Chris as stinky shorts/shirt had, to my surprise, been omitted from the dress code. It was a great night and epic contrast to the previous evening spent hiding alone in a farmers field.

Distance for day 2: 105km

Day 3 is a lazy day. My body feels slightly abused from the previous two days, aswell it might. I head south-east out of London. I actually really enjoyed the ride around London. Regents park was packed with people playing football/frisbee. It was downhill all the way to the Thames. I took some quick snaps of Big Ben etc etc and made my way out of town. I quite enjoyed riding through all the traffic, as a child I bizarrely wanted to be a courrier. After a while the sun heating me from above and exhaust fumes choking/heating me from below I was glad to get out of town. I find a cheap campsite in Kent after a wimpish 56km. I get myself set up, grab tea and a much needed shower.
A guy wonders as my bizzare contraption catches his eye - my Bob Yak trailer is not some something many folks see all that often. His name is Bruce, he has a permanent van on the site. Only 30 mins drive away it's his escape from the 'Big Smoke'. We get on well, he offers me cold beer and food - good times! We spend the evening putting the world to rights as stars come out over Kent. Bed.

Distance 56km

I see the sea!!

So I'm following the A20 on route to the South Coast as per my map. The two lane duel carriage-way becomes three lanes as we go up a hill, no bother I'm thinking 'its for the slow traffic'. I crest the rise and the three lanes continue. I check my map, all is well, the motorway isn't for 4 miles yet. I continue for a while until the 'toots' from cars become a little too consistant for my liking, I am infact cycling down the M20 - sweet!!

I find my escape route and plough on down to Hythe. I fly down the hill into town and head straight for the prom'. Park up the bike and go to dip my toes in the Channel. 'I might actually make it to France' is all I can think. I dont move for half an hour, just sit there staring at the sea. I cycle down the prom' all the way to Folkstone, it's a great little ride. I find a cheap campsite as I need to wash some clothes, which I do so in the shower. I head down to the beach for the evening to practice some guitar and finish my book.

Distance 96km

I take the next day as a rest day. Wandering along the beach, more reading, resting the arse etc.
I meet Thomas on the campsite and we get chatting. He is from Denmark but is here on holiday with his wife and 3 children. He invites me for dinner with his family, sadly I missed it as I was showering but joined them for coffee and some tastey snacks. They put the children to bed and I take my leave, France tomorrow....

Apologies for the rushedness today & the typos, just trying to get upto speed. Will try and get another update soon.

Until next time, Adu.


  1. Nice work m8 !!

    Keep it up !!

    Were all going to Splash landings on Saturday ! Jealous Much !??!?!?!?

    Just in the process of buying new front COG im slowly moving in the the "Fast Cyclist Territory"

    You best get a jog on actually so your back for the wedding. We have sorted the Suits out now ! Jeans will not be allowed !! :)

    Ill also let you know about Stag incase your anywhere near us when we go. I doubt it but you never know !! Amsterdam calls :) !!

  2. Nice one Bones,

    M20! lol.

    Keep it up dude

  3. I'm all for new money, but it means so much more when you write IN MILES NOT KM :D keep it up x

  4. nice one mate, i dread to think what is on that ipod. You want me to send you a gangster playlist to upload? lol

  5. He has "I have a dream" on loop !!