Monday, 30 August 2010

09-08-2010 : Tulln to Vienna : 37k

Returning from the 'land of nod' around 07.00 (quite early for us), I notice that I slept right through for the first time on the trip.

After breakfast, we pack up under light rain. It doesn't look like it's here to stay so I don't bother with any rain gear. Ah ... the rain. The only time Mihailo and I really have a difference of opinion is around the topic of rain. That is, I hate not to do something because of the rain. Mihailo likes to wait until it stops. I suppose that if I think back to the Eagle's Nest day (which was the last time we didn't do something because of the rain) the whole thing would have been pretty pointless given that our main aim was to see the view and this was completely obscured. Perhaps it's something to do with country of origin? Serbia sees comparatively little rain so it probably makes sense that Mihailo prefers to wait for it to stop. But in England, I see so much of it that if I waited until it stopped, I'd never do anything. In the compromise stakes, I think we're doing fine. I missed out on the Eagle's Nest but then Mihailo is sometimes happy to dress up in (occasionally orange) plastic bags so that he can bear to cycle in the rain.

I smile to myself as we set off (it's raining) and make a mental note that my weather experience is all part and parcel of the trip. It seems it's up to me to adjust accordingly. I just hope I can remember this when it's 40 above in Iran and 40 below in China!

After a while, we stop at a Spar shop for breakfast. I calculate that I just nailed over 2000 calories - awsome! Seriously, if you like your food, get into cycle touring and eat whatever you like guilt free. Having said this, I recognise that by eating huge quantities of jam sandwiches I am doing exactly that and acknowledge that my teeth may fall out of my head a few months down the line!

With breakfast sorted, we roll on down the river through the outskirts of Vienna. I soon notice that Vienna appears home to the most talented graffiti artists I've ever seen. The graffiti is actually nice to look at.

We stop and ask for directions to a particular street where we intend to meet Mihailo's friend Gane. Not for the first time, the guy we ask happens to be Serbian. Those Serbs get everywhere. We follow his directions and once there, find a nice cafe for a green tea while we wait for Gane. I take the opportunity to nip into the Hilton next to the cafe for a 'not so wild' poo noticing that I am surrounded by suits, boots and elegant dresses. I don't exactly blend in.

When Gane arrives, he is not sure if he can sort somewhere for us to stay but reckons we can figure that out later. We make arrangements to catch up with him early evening. Mihailo and I then head off to the tourist information office to stock up with a fresh supply of maps.

Next, we head for a cyber cafe. The price of getting online takes some swallowing but I decide to crack on with a serious blog session anyway. While blogging, I get chatting to two guys next to me from England, Doug and David. Turns out they are on an inter-railing tour of Europe.

Meandering through Cyberspace, I lose track of time and recieve a bill for 32 euros! Unfortunately, there is some confusion and Mihailo is charged exactly the same even though he arranged to use his own laptop just to upload a few files via their WiFi. To add to the confusion, there has been a change of staff and he is now dealing with a different person behind the counter. She is just caught in the middle. Mihailo doesn't want to make trouble for her but her boss is on the phone and being difficult. In this situation I would probably just pay - though I accept this is perhaps not the right thing to do.

Dan and Claire (from Linz) recongnise my bike outside and stroll in to say 'Hello'. We laugh at the coincidence. They then disappear off to get some food and explore. Meanwhile, Mihailo's argument is still continuing so I go outside and talk to my friend Mongy on the phone.

As Mongy and I say goodbye, Gane returns to tell us he hasn't been able to find anywhere for us to stay. I notice it's now 8 o'clock. While I'm wondering if the hostel will be full as it was in Salzburg, Gane gets chatting to two guys leaving a building a few doors down. He asks them about places to stay. The conversation continues for some time and I'm unable to follow it but I quickly realise that once again, our new friends are Serbian (told you they get everywhere).

Having sorted his issues with the cyber cafe, Mihailo comes to join in the conversation. After a little more chatter, it appears that we now don't require a hostel at all as one of the men (Milans) has offered us a bed at his place. I can't fault the Serbian friendliness and hospitality. We have only just met this chap and he's happy to offer us the shelter of his home! Sorted.

Later, during a mini tour of the beautiful city with Gane, we bump into Dan and Claire yet again!

Afterwards, Milaiho and I head away from the centre on our way to to Milans's house which we find quiet easily. When we get there, we discover that we each have a bed. What a bonus!

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