Tuesday, 19 October 2010

16/09/2010 Durusu (rest day)

My plan is to make the city in good time and so I wake early. I join Maria and Sinan for breakfast. Maria keeps bee's and so on the table there are two jars of fresh produce – I make the most of this fact by devouring piece after joyous piece of honey drenched toast. Their garden produces a wide wide array of fruits and vegetables. I sample, for the first time, yoghurt made from Buffalo's milk – it's super rich and very tasty. I feel my arteries clogging with every moreish mouthful. With bulging gut I pack my belongings and prepare to say my goodbyes. That is, until I find that Maria has an offer for me. She is going to the city today to work on a monument she is creating in one of the parks in Istanbul. She suggests I join her to help out for the day as it could be fun and interesting. Keen though I am to get to the city this seems like an offer not to be refused. The opportunity to assist in the creation of such a public monument with a talented artist is not something I saw coming out of this venture.

Before we leave for the city I watch her work on a fountain sculpture for an exibition. While watching I explore my own thoughts on Art. Music aside it's an area I've given remarkably little thought to over the years – at least conscious thought. I realise that sculpting appeals vastly to my practical nature. I make a promise to myself to attempt some form of creation on my return home. Though I desire to leave the construction industry behind me – I'm still greatly interested in creative, sustainable and low impact building solutions.

Maria drives along the same route into the city which I will ride tomorrow – this helps to remove the pressure of navigation. Upon arriving at the park we get to work. We are also assisted by Serkoun - Maria's gardener. A friendly fellow of around my age. He lives not far from Durusu in a gypsy community. He suggests I come and stay at his house for a night – from where we can taking a fishing trip to the lake. It sounds like a great idea but sadly he has to cancel due to other commitments. It's a hot day but the work is pleasant. The monument takes inspiration from a recently discovered ancient shipping port dating back several thousand years. I use the opportunity to learn about Maria's approach to her art. Though she currently teaches in the city she's aspires to give more time to her own works. It's a pleasure to be working with my hands once again. I find it more satisfying to help create something like this, than to line pockets back home – be they my own or others.

After a productive day we pack up and head back to her house. On the way I notice serveal packs of stray dogs and note that it could be an “interesting” ride. Swimming, beer, food and good conversation make up most of the evening. Sinan and I watch the new Robin Hood on a larger-than-life projector screen.

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  1. Hi James, it was really lovely to talk last night, just getting up to date on your blog, you didn't mention these lovely hosts, how lucky to stumble upon such friendly and welcoming people, let's hope it continues. The pool sounds the perfect tonic for sore limbs! Hope you had a good night last night, Judging by the lack of posting I'm guessing you did go out and I don't blame you as your fellow dorm mates looked like an interesting group! :-) xx