Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Kaynasli - Baltali 45km 19/12/2010

Sleeping in holds little appeal given the endless drone of lorries meters from the tents. Ten kilometers of uphill gets the blood pumping straight away. At the top of the nine hundred meter pass rain threatens and so we don the ponchos. Right pair of wallies we look too!

Thanks to our morning of climbing we're rewarded with and afternoon of easy cruising - with a few monster decents thrown in. My poor diet infects Stu over several days. Today for lunch we eat white bread, mixed with olive oil and spices. Muhahahaha - one more redundant stove!! I'll get him on jam next....

As the fog gathers once more we turn our eyes to shelter. In Baltali an unused construction site catches our eye. Two Germans Shepherds threaten to give us away but even they lose us in the darkness. We set out our gear in a poorly constructed workmans lodge. Sweep up the mouse poo and lay down sheets of insulation on which to sleep. Dust off my stove to brew some cay. Watch a film on the laptop. Oh sweet luxury!

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  1. Hi,

    I think you may be needing these soon - (I'm also trying to get some):


    I think you should call your bike "Kenneth". You know - steady, dependable...