Sunday, 24 April 2011

France - Die and beyond

With the bikes packed Richard and I decide it's the appropriate time to changes our minds – we shall not leave in the morning but instead go to the concert in town and leave the following day.

It turns out to be a good call as the concert is great and the beer from the local micro brewery aint half bad either.

9th 63km Die to Pont de Bonnet

We tidy up Wim's flat while cooking up breakfast (dustbin pizza). We join Raff and Pierre at the town Market. After a brief peruse of all the lovely food we can't afford we say our goodbyes and roll on out of town.

We are both very excited to get back to the road - and this time with company. The day is bright and blue. The road is good and the scenery continues to astound us. Spring is becoming evermore evident - it's a real pleasure to see the gradual onset of the new season.

We stop in the town of Crest. The supermarket bins are not so forthcoming so we move on to the town centre for a look around. We are approached be two friendly locals. They invite us to join them for lunch. Back at the flat we meet more friendly faces. Lunch is a selection of meats with sourcroute. During the meal they tell us about their afternoon plans - a local music festival. A glance in Richards direction tell me he's thinking what I'm thinking - enough riding for one day. We get the directions and meet them there.

Pont de Bonnet is a small town set in a beautiful riverside location. The streets are filled with people. We pass many bars - all of which are putting on live entertainment of some kind. We spend the evening passing for bar to bar sampling all mannor of live music. Highlights for me are: the dancers on stilts, insane free-for-all dancing to jazz improv hurdy-gurdy music and two girls dressed as fairies doing what (to me) seemed like - erotic tree climbing while singing. Brilliant!

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