Tuesday, 21 September 2010

02/09/2010 Pozarevac - Gulabac (Distance 69km)


As always it's fun to ride with company. Gane rides a recumbent, you really can't help but stare at their odd looks. We take a snack stop at a lake. Gane shares out some peanuts and I hand out some of Sasa's apples. I make an abysmal attempt to ride Gane's bike along the lakeside path. I really can't get used to riding position of lying on my back – much too set in my ways it seems.

We ride to Golabac at a good pace - for me at least. The guys on their unloaded steeds appear to require little energy output. At it's widest point the Danube is around 5km. It is at this location that the guys head home before the light fades. Alone once again. From here the river becomes very narrow very quickly. This creates a certain amount of turbulence and is the main reason I had to pooh-pooh my idea of rowing a section of the river. I begin to scour the land for a camping spot, with an hour of daylight left I can afford to be picky. Fishermen and gypsies have their pick of the lay-bys, it appears I'll have to settle for “sloppy seconds” as it were. Taking a wee stop near a small orchard I investigate the surrounding land further. A small grassy path leads down to the waters edge. An ideal fishing location....only this peg's not taken.

Tent up, I chomp my tin of tuna with some bread and admire the scene before me. The lush green hills reflecting in the glassy water, while tiny ripples lap the mini beach at my feet. Further down the bank I hear two fishermen laughing and joking. I hope they don't mind my presence. But in half an hour darkness will consume me and not a soul in the world will know of my whereabouts.

I sleep very well on Sasa's monsterous airbed. Before I'm fully awake we head to town for some breakfast and coffee. We sit for sometime in Sasa's favourite coffee bar, the waiters there are very friendly, I can see why it's his top choice. We return to his house and I collect my bike. Milica hands me a bag of fresh vegetables from their garden. She has tears in her eyes as I wheel my bike out through the gate. Sasa explains that she enjoys hosting people very very much and is always sad to see them leave. We stop off at the local bike shop and talk with the mechanics - who very kindly give my chain a much needed oiling. Sasa has arranged for two cycling chums to ride with me which is super cool. One of whom is Mihailo's friend Gane whom I met in Vienna. Once they arrive I say my goodbyes to Sasa and the mechanics.

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