Thursday, 9 September 2010

Sombor - Novi Sad 19-08-2010 (Distance 108km)

Another great breakfast, just can't get enough of the apricot jam. Faffing and fiddling done with we are on the road by noon. Stevan is going to escort us out of town, it's always fun to have new riding chums. We draft a tractor and trailer which makes the going easy, 24kph with the effort of 15. In the back of the trailer an old lady sleeps on a pile of blankets - another indicator that I'm leaving Western Europe. On the ourskirts of the next town we say goodbye the Stevan, he turns and heads for home. The tractor stops - nice while it lasted, we continue on for a while and take out first water break. Half way through some cookies the same tractor rounds the corner, we rush to pack our things and run with out bikes back to the asphelt. We heave on at 30pkh and manage to close the gap once more, the riding is easy but the tractor fumes take some chewing and swallowing.

We do finally say goodbye to the tractor, and the 100k's to Novi Sad pass without great drama. Out side an establishment called "The Pub" we meet Tanja our host for the night. Her and Mihailo met while working in America. I am taken on a mini tour of the city centre and then we cycle across town to the fortress - home of the Exit Festival (which I hadn't even heard of until meeting Mihailo) apparently it's a favourite of many an English pisshead. Like any respectable fortress it's set on a hill, within the grounds there are several cafes/bars. We take a seat outside, Mihailo chats with a random guy about bike touring. Tanja is full of humour and energy, chatting with a beer overlooking the nightscape the hours effortlessly tick by. She's studying literature, I'm both impressed and amazed to hear she has to read for approx 10 hours a day in order to cover the required material - respect...though I enjoy reading, I think I'd find that harder than riding to India! Her boyfriend works very long hours during the summer months studying sunflowers. Mihailo hopes to persuade them both to join him on his next adventure. Some what later than intended we head to her home. Tanja and her mother have prepared yet another feast for us...I only wish I could have eaten more. Showers, feasting and chatting done we crash out...

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