Thursday, 9 September 2010

Dunavecse - Sombor 17-08-2010 (Distance 140km)

We eat breakfast together and are ready to depart by 8.30. They opt for the safer slower path, and we take the road. We cross paths several times that morning - Mihailo's tyre is shot and so he picks up two punctures in quick succession. We stop in a town with a bike shop, get a new tyre for the bargain price of 5Euros. We eat breakfast on the floor of Lidl's car park, milk+waffles+jam = uber calories. We say goodbye to the pair, though may see them again as we are taking similar routes.

I think Mihailo can taste the Serbian boarder and the finish line that lies beyond it. We whip along for two hours at around 30kph. We snap some pictures at the boarder, and I receive my first passport stamp. Mihailo makes several phone calls to friends and family and arranges our accommodation. The last 30km to Sombor drift by without asking too much from us - definitely getting fitter. We arrive to a warm reception at Mihailos Aunt's house. Some mighty hugs are exchanged and I'm introduced to many new faces. We quickly get to chatting and chilling out on the terrace. It's not long before I recieve my first Serbian "Turkish" coffee and a shot of Rakia - a spirit made from plums with a strength often beyond classification. Everyone is very friendly, including the dog Betty, I am made to feel most welcome and we chat until 2.00am.

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