Thursday, 9 September 2010

Budapest (rest day) 15-08-2010 (reADY)

After a lazy morning blogging I spend the afternoon sightseeing on the bike. In architectural terms Budapest is probably my favorite so far. Even various random buildings not noted in the guidebooks encompass beautifully intricate design. I ramble around Hero's Square for some time, staring at the faces of the statues, the founders of the Hungarian nation, though their appearance is said to be fanciful I still find them enchanting. I drink beer at a cafe in awe of the Basilica and take some time to reflect and write my journal. While making my way back to the flat I come across a festival of sorts on the Pest bank under the famous Chain Bridge. The music is traditional folk in style, people dance in front of the stage and many more, including myself look on. I lock up my bike and go to get involved. Stalls sell some herbalicious sausages and potato salad which I wash down with traditional lemonade. The atmosphere is very friendly, people bounce through the press of bodies dance with me and then swap dancing buddy. After working up a sweat I head back to the flat for beer, blogging and dog stroking.

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  1. James is Dog stroking a euphemism for anything ?!?