Saturday, 5 March 2011

Iran 1

My first week disappeared almost without my noticing. When I wasn't teaching English I was being paraded around various friends and families. I always recieved the famous Iranian hospitality (not to mention epic home cooking). There were also nightly trips to the swimming pool - one of which stands out particularly... After a few lengths we dropped into the hot pool to natter (I'm coming to realise that conversations frequently revolve around politics). Iwas swiftly introduced to the local wrestling instructor (and ex national champion at that). He asks if I would like to join him in the steam room for a massage - and while "yes" is far from the first thought that comes to my mind... I don't see a way out. With a hearty slap on my shoulder he jumps out of the pool, revealing a splendidly opaque pair of Tighty Whities, and ushers me into the steamy abyss. For the next ten minutes I lie face down in a puddle of man sweat while Hulk Hogan works his magic - the grand massage finale being me, up in the air, stretched across his back...a move that was more WWF than physiotherapy. I must add - it wasn't an entirely unpleasant experience.

Other inbetween lesson activities included: football, hiking, copious amounts of eating and hanging out with my hosts friend - who was a vet. Through him I learned much about life in this particular town and also went of field visits to various farms in the area.

Most days in Iran were filled with some form of adventure. On the odd days that were a little lacking on the thrill front I had to improvise.

One such creation was "extreme film watching" - the idea being very simple. Pick a film with taboo subject matter and view most blatantly on a public bus. My choice film was 8mm (the main theme being snuff porn) - light blue touch paper, stand well back.

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  1. And what were the results? Excited gesticulation? Crowds of eager teenagers? Tell, tell...!