Monday, 7 March 2011

Iran 2

I remain a crap tourist. While the bicycle collects dust with my friends in Qarazyaadin I go out to explore Iran. I feel more like I'm doing the proper tourist thing now – I guess I am. Even though I chose to do it this way...I don't think it suits me. I've mentioned before how bad I am at sightseeing – little seems to have changed. I'm now in Tabriz for a couple of nights. Booked myself into the cheapest hotel I could find – it's in a good location allowing me to explore. After some directionless wandering and a quick peruse of the Bazaar I'm getting bored - bored enough to spend the evening in my room watching films on the laptop.

You wouldn't know it - but even I preen on occasion...

I have come to the conclusion that cities are not the place for solo travelling (for me at least). If I must visit cities alone then CouchSurfing would be a smart move. The kind of things one does in cities – hanging out in cafes, drinking, museums and shopping etc are, in my opinion, better done with company. I will persist with this lifestyle for the remainder of Iran – only fair I give it a good try before I poopoo it. And perhaps with cities better equipped for tourism it might be more fun. I certainly feel like the outsider here – I'm able to count on one hand the people who don't stare at me in the street. Turkey is still winning in the smile game...

Eight hour bus to Tehran. When I arrive I'm not “feeling it” and so decide to continue onwards. I get a very expensive taxi to the southern bus terminal and jump on the next bus to Isfahan. I thought I'd feel worse than I did after fifteen hours couped up in a rolling metal box. The uncomfortable restless sleep on the metal chairs in the bus station allow me to reach a suitable level of zombification.

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