Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Italy - Venice and beyond

By the end of four days aboard I'm happy to once again be making food babies which would give Gillian Mckeith a lonely tear of pride. It's my own fault as the guide book does state - “Do not drink the water”. Hey ho!

At nine in the morning Richard and I are done with brief passport checks and wheel our bikes off the boat. Europe greets us in the best possible mannor – blustery winds and hard driving rain. I quickly give up on looking round Venice and duck into a bar for a coffee. Venice can wait older and richer – or at least older.

After an unsuccessful hunt for a supermarket Richard and I part company. He goes East to Slovenia while I head the opposite way for France. I'd love to join him but my budget and time frame wont quite allow. With him travelling lighter and faster there's a chance we maybe join forces once more – perhaps in France.

As the afternoon develops the rain eases and I enjoy the riding more and more. My route inland follows the a river – quiet little riverside villages pop up with pleasing frequency.

I noticing a growing sensation of comfort and confidence – which I guess comes from the knowledge that I've done this bit before (Western Europe that is). I can't speak the lingo – but the challenge seems reduced all the same. I hope to come up with a few methods for keeping the ride interesting or maintaining some form of challenge. I'm open to ideas, so if you have any get in touch!

With the bike now point homeward I feel very much like I'm on my way. I suspect the next six weeks will disappear at a surprising rate.

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