Friday, 18 March 2011

Iran 4

Check in to our Shiraz hotel early. Catch up on some much needed sleep. Explore in the afternoon, Cheolo cooks Korean for dinner which we share with the hotel owner. The next day we trip to Persepolis for some ancient ruins. When we arrive they are closed so I take a walk through the adjacent valley to some caves – which happen to still be used by shepherds.

In the afternoon we get to enter Persepolis (link). We make friends with a local and he gives us a free guided tour – result! I enjoyed the walk around the valley and hills far more than the ruins themselves. In the evening I cook Italian – didn't think my new friends would be satisfied with bread and jam... the fools!

Once again we get the night bus, this time to Yazd. As we cross the high passes deep snow retards our progress. At five in the morning I finally lay my head on my rucksack in the Yazd bus terminal.

Cheolo and I battle with taxi's for a reasonable rate but our efforts are futile and eventually we take the bus. We find our way to the Silk Road Hotel. We spend the day resting and meeting the other guests.

The next days begin to blur – I feel myself slipping into the blackhole that is the Silk Road. The broad blend of nationalities makes for great interactions. I note that it takes me a few days to get up to speed – not having spoken to native English speakers for some time. Twelve days in Yazd vanish thanks to a good crowd and all kinds of mischief. For the sake of those I met I wont go into detail but suffice to say Iran is not as restricted as my first impressions had me believe – they even having swimming pools!

Blitz back up north to pick up my bicycle. Say some last thanks and goodbyes and make my way to Turkey – again!

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