Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Syria 3

My last stop in Syria is Tartus as it's from here that I'll take the ferry to Venice. I was lucky enough to arrange some Couchsurfing to my my stay in the quiet city a little more interesting.

I meet Hamza in the afternoon. The weather is crappy once again and so we head straight to his house to unpack my things. His parents have since moved away and so now the flat is only used when he wants some peace and quiet and time away from university. Not a bad deal eh? We chat away the afternoon and in the evening he takes me on a tour of the city. We snack on various dessert specialities local to the area and drink coffee until the bar closes.

Hamza has to leave the next day and so I duck into the cheapest hotel in town for a night and prepare my things for tomorrow ferry trip.

In the morning I leave the hotel early and make my way to the port – where I'm told to wait two hours before entering. I am then paraded round various crappy offices. At each one I hand over a fee that seems to be simply picked out of the air each time - I suspect it corresponds somewhat with whatever is on said officials evening shopping list.

Embarkation – Back to Europe

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