Saturday, 15 January 2011

Akinici - Yesilyurt 44km 03/04/2011

Thanks to a fair breeze when I wake my gear is already dry which will save me some time during the day. I reheat lastnights dinner and do some pushups to warm up my body. By the time I hit the road the breeze has become a soul destroying headwind. For a short while it's a novelty, but soon enough I'm sulking. It's my own fault really. Before I started the trip I had a genuine interest in how I would handle getting up in the morning and simply riding into a headwind day after day – the regularity with which I consider jacking it in and taking a bus leads me to believe I'm not handling it well...

I listen to some podcasts to put my mind elsewhere. They are interrupted when the daily dog chases require me to stop the bike and ball out swear words until the mutts find another (quieter) lunch.
I'm done in early thanks to the wind and search out a camp spot while it's still light.

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