Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ilgas - Karabey 25km 24/12/2010

Christmas Eve!!
My normal day back home would involve a lie in, meet friends at lunchtim,e and then spend the entire day drinking and chatting. Not today.
I wake next to another smelly bearded cyclist. The room has no warmth to it despite last nights fire. Horse hair plaster, mud and straw - while cute and rustic, is not the best insulater. We get up and ready. Snap a few pictures of what is possibly the coolest place I've ever stayed. Hit the road.

The fog refuses to lift. The valley we ride through is littered with tiny old houses much like lastnights. We explore a few and find them all to be empty. Untended plots of cabbage ensure our evening meal wont be lacking in nutrition. Yoink! We name it the "Valley of Plenty" - providing all we need to survive. We pick our accomodation quite carefully. The idea being it'll be nice to wake up somehwere cool for Christmas morn.

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