Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Merzifon - Rest day 29/12/2010

We mooch around town in the morning. I figure on leaving after lunch to continue East while Stu plans to take the bus to Georgia.

With banking duties done we sit in the park and have a few goodbye beers. A bunch of cheery teenagers join us for question time and slowly a crowd gathers. One fellow (an imam) invites us for lunch – after which we sit in on his prayer ceremony – quite a unique experience and one I didn't expect. We walk to his humble abode on the outskirts of town. Two rooms make up the settlement. A stove, a bookcase and two sofas. No electricity. Very pleasant and simple living. We eat potatoes and sunflower seeds and drink lots of cay. Two friends come over, we all take it in turns to play music. Fun night.

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