Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Osmancik - Merzifon 65km 28/12/2010

We are woken by the sound of the workmen starting up diggers behind the garage. A quiet pack up and breakfast and push the bikes back to the road.

Thanks to a reasonable start time we actually manage to find a rythym on the road - a novlety these days.

We stop at a garage owned by a German couple. Conversation fail! These days my German is worse than my Turkish. Our ride gets interrupted once more at around lunchtime. On this occasion by a group of road workers who call us over to share there lunch. Trip first- roadies tend to be a friendly lot, but this is the first timed we've joined them for lunch.

By early eve Stu and I are on the verge of a daily distance record - 60km!! In Merzifon we stop for wifi at a truck stop. The car washers manage to soak my sleeping bag which i had hung out to dry. After a short sulking period I get on with blogging and research my route east. I take my first shower in over a week - feels good!!

We skulk off in the dark to find an unfinished block of flats. Roll out the mats. Sleep.

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