Thursday, 13 January 2011

Amasya - Cambuku 33km 31/12/2010

The splitting of Banana Biggs and Mop Top

I wake up to the comfort of the familiar - not the bearded smelly bloke a few feet from me, but the small nylon cocoon which is my home. I permit myself the luxury of lying in until eight before geting up and waking Stu. We return to the onsite restaurant in which we drank cay lastnight – a great place built in the style of a grand toureg tent. We are given free soup and cay – scorchio!

We ride into the ancient town of Amasya. Stu and I both admit to not being the best tourists. I do little or no research about the places I visit. I'm just as happy chatting with locals as meandering through museums. We cycle round aimlessly for a while before accidently discovering the main attraction. Several caves a carved into the cliff face above the river. I splash out all 3tl (about £1.20) for the entrance is my birthday after all! We spend a few hours and have a great time -  though I'd say the highlight was going off piest and discovering the out of bounds caves.

We eat our lunch at the busstop. A chocolate bar and a beer sum up the birthday feast. Then Stu and I say our goodbyes. He has a date with the Georgian border, and I with Iran. There is a chance we may meet again – we certainly compiled a grand list of future adventures. But perhaps not – neither of us are too hot when it comes to organisation. My concerns about the lonely road ahead...will I find another willing to get kit off and raise instrument for a laugh, will I find another who considers the "fart" to be the pinnacle of humour....who knows!

I ride out of town under rain. Steep valley sides covered with pine trees are all I can see until the horizon. Once at a suitable point I pull off the road and set up. Talk to some friends from home who are out having a birthday tribute meal in my absence – thanks all.

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  1. So many ducks to smuggle, so little time...