Saturday, 15 January 2011

Rafhaiye - Erzincan 58km 07/01/2011

Wake up early - finally habit is catching up and I no longer have to rely to the alarm. My body feels odd - it doesn't hurt anywhere...that'll be the small amount of exercise and the real bed.

I do yet more internet'n as I pack up my gear. As always when in proper accommodation I use the time to throw out any accumulated crap - and despite my lifestyle it does still accumulate!

I sit and chat with the hotel staff over several rounds of free cay. Finally get to the road, though much later than planned.

Spend the morning climbing - but in better head-state than days before (I'm motivated by my limited time left for entry to Iran). I'm quite chuffed to be surrounded by snow, even to be freezing cold. The environment shows up my concerns about inappropriate gear - my hands and feet struggle to maintain heat. Fortunately (when the temperature are not serious cold) there's a simple answer - ride harder, and it works too!!

I eat my lunch fully exposed to the biting wind. I walk around while eat, and pause often to run or do some press-ups just to maintain some body heat.

Another hour of climbing and then huuuuuge downhills which help me reach my required daily distance. Sleep by the side of the road. No dinner - forgot to get water.

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