Saturday, 15 January 2011

Cambuku - Tepekisla 64km 01/01/2011

Happy New Year from James Rathbone on Vimeo.

It seems I played a large part in the late starts of recent days. My thinking that once alone I would be able to get back on track was a little wayward. I can hardly pull the birthday card again!

Fairly uneventful day. My water stops are rewarded with ├žay. I realise that I miss the regular banter now my cycling is reduced to silence once more.

As I approach the end of the day I spot a cave not too far up the hill. After ten minutes of scrambling I get up to it and have a look around. The roof is thick with soot that suggests years of fires. Unfortunately the climb is too steep for me to bring the bike and so I ride on. Find a nice spot by a river – yet to pop my cave camping cherry.

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